Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Connecticut Wedding

I'm way behind in blogging...I know, I know! We've been a very busy family. In the last half of January, I went to my cousin-in-law's wedding in CT. Her brother is a great photographer, too, so he and his wife did the shooting for her. I of course, brought my camera and got a few great images from the end of the pew (weird place for me to be, for once!). She looked so beautiful and her son is just a cutie!

Here's the slideshow: http://jeniferlynphotography.com/Pages/Kathlene
I set the show to a great, upbeat song, so some of the images go by rather fast to the music. BUT, at the end, you can view the gallery and look at each image one by one. You can see them all in the show, but this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite!

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