Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching up is Hard to Do!

Hi everyone!

I must apologize to everyone - I have not had a chance to blog at all this month! Things have been so (wonderfully) busy. We have done and witnessed so much since the last time I posted, it's amazing!! I am just going to give you a brief synopsis now, but I PROMISE to follow it up with detailed posts and images throughout the weekend.

Here is what October has been for us:
  • I started October editing the images from Brittany and Brian's AWESOME wedding. It was SO much fun! (I'll post some images for you to see).

  • I had two e-sessions (engagement sessions) with two wonderful couples that are getting married next year. They both happened in great locations and were so much fun to do. (Again - images to come soon!)

  • We made a last minute decision to attend the PDN- PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. It is a huge photography expo full of great vendors and tons and tons of cool photographers to network with. It was no where near as big as the Imaging USA expo my dad and I attended in frigid San Antonio in January, but it was really great! (I'll share more details in another post - oh, and images, too!)

  • Because of the location of the expo, we decided to make it a family trip and see as much as we could in the process. So, we planned on going through Long Island so we could tour Sagamore Hill, which was the summer/retiring home for President Theodore Roosevelt, one of Ron's favorite people in history. What an amazing experience!

  • Lastly and MOST certainly not least: THE RED SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!! (And won game one in spectacular fashion!) Dustin Pedroia's amazing home run that started the 13-1 win. Photo credit to photographer John Wilcox. (I'm thinking he had to have the world's longest lens to pull this shot off - how cool is that?!)

Friday, October 5, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Promotion

I always wish I had the time/money/energy to give to thousands of very worthy causes. I'm the kind of person who always wants to do more, but never finds the time or means to. I'm also the kind of person who cries everytime I see the Jimmy Fund ads before movies - you know the one with the construction workers who wrote the kids' names on the steel cross beams? Yeah, I cry EVERY time.
So instead of just sitting by this year wishing I would do more, I decided to become a bit active in one cause that hits near and dear to my heart: breast cancer. Today I am taking part in a local walk to support a woman who is currently going through chemotherapy. I (of course!) will bring my camera and hope to post some images up tonight or tomorrow.

In addition, I'm running a promotion for the entire month of October. I will donate 20% of all deposits received in October directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I would really like to get a great donation together to send over. When October is over, I will proudly announce how much I was able to raise for this very worthy cause.