Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch out for Maddy!

As I said in the post from yesterday, Maddy was inducted into the Gold Belt Club at karate, something RJ did two months ago. It's really just a confidence booster for the kids - they get to be a part of an "elite" club (that is actually offered to all kids promoted to green belts - which is what Maddy will be on Sat). I really can't say enough good things about the karate program there.

In any case, Maddy was awesome...WATCH OUT for this girl, do NOT mess with her! I feel really bad that I can't post images of RJ doing this, but I was video taping him last time and didn't have any helpers with me(except Maddy and she was NOT going to have my camera!).

Now for the are some of my favorite images...

Getting Ready

Breaking Through

Kickin' QueenPosing With Miss Stacey

Isn't She a Ham?!

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