Saturday, September 15, 2007

Maddy's First Day

With RJ's first week of school down, now it's Maddy's turn to have her first day of school.

She's attending a 3-day preschool a few houses up the street from us. She was so excited to go - she asked me every 10 minutes from 8:30 until 12:30 when we finally went!!! I'm glad she likes it so much.

Not to hijack her post, but RJ is loving school now, especially the new specialty classes he gets to go to - Art, Gym and Music.

Back to are a few choice images from her first day. Note: Another one of RJ's "smiles":
I have to share what went into this last image because it is just so cute and so indicative of the kids' personalities. Maddy wouldn't look at me so I could take her picture. What you can't see in the frame is all the other kids and teachers going into her school, so she was very preoccupied. So RJ decided to help and stepped right in front of me to try to get her to look in my direction. Of course, his shoulder is the blurry blob you see in the lower right corner, but I had to leave it in...he's just so sweet. Aren't they the BEST??!

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jesikah6 said... cute! She is growing in to quite the young lady.