Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Photoshop Online??!!

A couple of days ago I read about Photshop Express from Dane Sander's blog (he's GREAT!); then today I read a post about it from Gary Fong, so I decided I needed to check it out.

This site is AMAZING! it allows you to import your images from your computer, or from various sites - including Facebook and Picasa (two I use). THEN you can touch the images up through various very user-friendly tools. Right online! For free!

Adobe has really done something great here. I really like their products and this is yet another great one.

Google Apps

While I'm talking about cool technology, I've also spent a bunch of time in Google's world and they really have created a TON of cool applications. I've been using their reader for a while now and I love it. If you check multiple blogs to see when /if they've been updated, the reader is a great tool. Just copy and paste the URL into the Add subcriptions box and it will track them for you. It's so wonderful, I think I've added WAY too many!!! But I can easily bypass those I don't want to read.

Upcoming Wedding!

Ok, I'm done promoting the fun technology I've found lately....I'm off to pack for a very exciting wedding in Portsmouth, NH!!! We leave later today and have the wedding tomorrow. I'm sooooooo excited. This couple is great and we are going to have a BLAST! Plus it gives us a chance to check out some other venues up in NH that we also have weddings at this year.

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