Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Tooth and the Shiner

I can't believe it! On Tuesday, I was sitting in Ballroom A of the San Antonio convention center with my dad, when I get the following text message from Ron, my husband: "Your son just lost his first tooth!" Immediately, I was both excited and sad, for I had missed a really big milestone in his life. In addition, this was a major ordeal for him, since he was really emotionally attached to that tooth! He just did NOT want that thing to come out.

He's good now, especially since the tooth fairy was kind enough to not take his tooth until I got home to see it, and she left him 4 quarters, to boot! But I did have a hard time getting him to sleep last night because he was afraid she wouldn't let him keep it. Even now that it fell out, he's still attached to it. I took some crazy pictures of them for this post, which I like a lot. Aren't they the CUTEST?!

So that's the tooth....that same day, Maddy decides she's going to reach too far off my bed for the new pink hat Daddy bought her. She falls off and hits her face, barely missing her eye on the night table! She's a tough little girl and only cried for a couple minutes, but between the two of them, we look like we should be reported to some gov't agency for abuse! They are both more than fine now, but I don't think I'm leaving for any trips without them for a while.

I'm still spinning from the events in San Antonio, but I will post more about the convention when I get my head to slow down a bit.

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Anonymous said...

I have an in with the tooth fairy since I work for a Dental insurance company an all. I put in a good word so she would wait for you to get home. :) Great photos. Love, Chrissy