Friday, April 13, 2007

Whatchya Readin'?

WARNING: Small rant to follow...

Although I find that I don't have much time in any given day to accomplish all that I want to, I do try to always have a book around that I can read, just to escape for a while. I really like reading books and I'm always in search of a good book to read.

Right now, I'm reading a motivational book called Love is the Killer App, by Tim Sanders. I bought it on recommendation from many of the photographers on OSP (a great, open forum for niiiiiccceeeee people!). I got it to help me help my business, but really, it is a great motivating book for anyone trying to accomplish anything that they may struggle with at times. It's really a book about helping yourself help others and reaping all the benefits that come from that. Because when you help someone else, you are actually helping yourself and that just feels good!

In life, I know so many people who think they must bully others to get what they want. They believe that they must prove they are tougher than you and stronger than you and therefore, you will back down and give them what they want. Sometimes, I even think they've been like that so long, they don't even realize what they're doing anymore. They talk down to everyone and take a bad tone no matter what they are saying to you.

I don't know about you, but I don't like to be around people like that. And I really don't like to work with/for people like that. Think about it, you want people to be nice to you - and if they ask you nicely to do something, you're more likely to want to do it and do a good job. On the other hand, if someone is mean, or even just abrupt with you, you may do what they want, but you are not going to be happy about it and you may not even do your best work.

Turning the tables, if you want to be treated with respect and have people be nice to you, you need to be nice to others. Seems so simple, but yet it's easy to forget, too. Anyway, now that I've ranted, if you are looking for a good book, I highly recommend this one. Oh! and I recently realized that I had subscribed to Mr. Sanders' blog, without realizing that he was the same person who wrote this book - I guess I really believe in what he has to say!

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