Friday, June 8, 2007

Mexico Wedding Images!

I have been given the 'go-ahead' to post some of my favorite images from Jessica and Dameone's wedding. I can't stress how much fun this was. Everyone who was there made it such a fun and special time. It was like a three day long party and was just the BEST!!!

I wanted to stress how awesome the staff at the Coral Princess is. They did everything so perfectly. I strongly urge anyone considering a Mexican destination wedding to consider them. it was all amazing! They are located right on the beach of Cozumel. It was one of the cleanest, nicest sands I've ever put my feet in. They really do a great job.

If you are receiving this via e-mail, you will need to click on the link to view the post in order to see the slideshow. It does have music, so please keep that in mind if you are at work. PLEASE - enjoy, I did!!!!!!


jesikah6 said...

You did a beautiful job with our wedding. Thank you so much for everything!

Jessica & Dameone

|| davidjay || said...

Great work and I love the slideshows! :)