Saturday, August 4, 2007

August/New Website Special!!!

In honor of a great month - August - and the launch of my new website, I'm offering out a great special to all brides who sign a contract with me in the month of August: 20% off all my products and services.

Why is August so great, you ask? Well, it is summer here in New England and August is typically the hottest and sunniest of the summer months - it really doesn't get much better than that.

Not to mention, a certain person's birthday is only a couple days away, although I may swear off having any more after this year. :-) Lastly, but MOST certainly not least, my wedding anniversary is also in August. So you see, it is a joyful month all around!

So in the interest of sharing such great joy, I believe it is only fitting to offer this special. But hurry, you must sign a contract with me before the end of August this year to take advantage of this special. I still have a couple of 2007 dates left, if any bride is still without a photographer for 2007; and I am not quite full for 2008, either.

If you know someone getting married who might be interested, please pass this along.
Thanks, and joyful August to all!!

(I have an exciting e-session planned for Monday, so I will share some images of that next week!)

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About Us said...

Swearing off birthdays all together?? You know that means no more presents and definitely no more cake!!!!

What is an e-session??