Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red Sox clinch the AL East!!!

Last night the win by the Red Sox and loss by the Yankees helped the Red Sox clinch the AL East!!!! Playoffs here we come! Check out this picture, taken from The team went into the locker room to celebrate, but then took the champagne back out to the field and showered the crowd - how cool!!!!

Full photo credit goes to Elise Amendola/AP. <-- What a job, huh?!

In a related, but silly story, I'm in a nail biter contest against my husband in the Fantasy baseball league we are in. We both made it to the playoffs and the score has been back and forth for the whole time. Right now I believe we are tied, although he has many Red Sox players who did well last night, so we'll see. I think I can win it, though!!!!

Well, I'm off to go get ready for the wedding we are photographing this afternoon. What a gorgeous day for it!

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